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A "not so social" world! |Social Media Bullying| Appreciation vs Negativity| An Act|

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe! After all of the hate and criticism on social media which is now so much common that even small influencers face in it their day to day life. Inspired by the life of #Influencers here I am presenting you an act on how #socialmedia and #negativity can affect someone's life! This is a story about a girl who wants to dance and use the platform #Instagram to showcase her talent to others. In her way she comes across a lot of challenges which she anyway overcomes, but when she got into cyber-bullying by her own mutual friends, she thought of nothing else but #suicide. #Appreciation came as a guarding angel to her and ripped away the thought of suicide from her mind. There are a lot of people involved in this video: Tanya (Main Character) Akanksha (Best Friend) Sonagan (Influencer) Antima (Jealous Friend) Tarun (Jealous Friend) Vaishali (Mutual Friend of Antima) Anurag (Memer) Khushboo (Sister) Aditya( Brother) Alpana aunty(Mother) Ruchi (Fan) Nivedita (Mutual Friend) Divyanshu (Mutual Friend) Akriti (Unknown) Mehar (Unknown) Neha (Unknown) Puneet (Unknown) Hope you like the video and share it with your


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